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1PC 30 ML Car Headlight Renovation Repair Agent Car Coating Repair Liquid

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Capacity: 30ML
1) the dedicated supporting the electromagnetic atomization tool to open, the syrup to join 30-60ml, cover the lid after the steam tube inserted;
2) plug in the power to start heating, about 5-6 minutes that steam emerge, this time can be used dark tube test whether the nozzle vent, if you can begin to atomize;
3) with masks begin to atomization, in order from the bottom up on the surface of the lamp one by one to complete the atomization coating process, pay attention to the nozzle must be upward, can not bend down to prevent steam to become water droplets;
4) the atomization process control in two or three minutes to complete, uniform thickness uniform light surface can be, do not repeatedly spray, too thick into a water effect also increases the drying time;
5) after the completion of the fog coating 10 minutes to dry and do not sticky dust, but can not scratch, let it be cured after a few hours to use natural;
6) the fog coating time period before noon, because the evening headlight when there are several hours of hardening time, afternoon or evening operation due to leave the light time is too short, the surface hardness of the lampshade, open the heat after the heat expansion Different degrees of shrinkage, the effect of natural poor.
Package Include:
1PCS Headlight atomized liquid
This Listing Does Not Include Atomizing Cup
1. Keep it away from children.
2. It must be stored in a place where the temperature is less than 40 ℃. Exposure, puncture or incineration are forbidden.
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