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M3-M12 Thread Repair Wire, Thread Insert 304 Stainless Steel Wire Braces 60Pcs Kit

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Used in various low strength materials, which can improve the wear resistance of bolt connections and avoid the damage of thread.
Because of a certain elastic, can make the load on the thread  is more even, eliminate the screw and screw hole deviation between the pitch and tooth type, and can absorb vibration, thus increasing the screw thread connection strength and resistance to fatigue strength.
The locking type wire screw sleeve can lock the screw into the threaded hole, so that the screw is not loose when subjected to shock vibration, which is better than the normal locking device.
The hardness of the wire screw is higher than the screw, so it has little wear and tear in connection with screw,and can be used repeatedly.
Strengthen the connection strength and improve the connection condition, avoid sliding wire, wrong tooth phenomenon, and obtain excellent connection performance.
Used to the place that strong strength connection  without increasing the diameter of the screw hole
Wear resistant. Used for frequent disassembly, it can greatly improve the life of thread.
Anti-loose. Especially for the aircraft and other products requiring high insurance coefficients.
Easy to maintain. The damaged screw holes shall be put into the wire screw sleeve, which can be used again to avoid the possibility of damage to the workpiece.
Material:Stainless Steel
Size:(inner diameter x thread pitch x length), 2D= 2 x inner diameter
Package Included:
60PCS x Wire Screw Sleeve
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