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DREMEL GIFT KIT 3 in 1! Including Engraving tool! **End of March SPECIAL!**

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This combo kit is the perfect Dremel collection to cut, engrave, polish, burn, solder, carve and so much more.
See full specifications below.  
Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool with 
1 x Depth guide
5 x Cut-off wheels 24mm 420
1 x High speed cutter 191
1 x Fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel 32mm 426
1 x Multipurpose spiral cutting bit 561
1 x Aluminium oxide grinding stone 9.5mm 932
1 x Bristle brush 19mm 403
1 x Carbon steel brush 19mm 428
2 x Polishing wheel 13mm 414
1 x Polishing compound 421
3 x Polishing wheel 26mm 429
1 x Sanding drum 13mm 60 grit 407
1 x Sanding band 13mm 60 grit 408
4 x Sanding band 13mm 120-240 grit
1 x Drill bit 3.2mm 150
2 x Mandrels
Dremel Versatip with 
1 x Conical soldering tip
1 x Flat wide flame head 
1 x Cutting knife 
1 x Hot knife
1 x Heat reflector 
1 x Hot blower head 
1 x Flux cored solder 
1 x Soldering sponge
1 x Sponge box 
2 x spanners
Dremel 290 Engraver Kit with
1 x Carbide engraving tip
1 x Letter/number engraving template
Variable speed 5,000 to 33,000 rpm
Input power 130 Watts 230 Volts
Includes 3.2mm collet
Weight including cord 0.62Kg
5 Year Warranty
Equivalent wattage 25-130 watts
Blow torch temperature 1200ºC
Hot air temperature 680ºC
Tip temperature 550ºC
Fast 20 second warmup
Maximum runtime 60 minutes
Recharge time 10 seconds
Length 232mm with soldering tip
Case size 280L x 175H x 47H mm
Dry weight 135g
2 Year Warranty
Strokes per minute 6000
Tip shank size 3.15 dia. x 20mm
Power 35W
Weight 310g
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